Want to be a beekeeper? Here’s our recommendations for equipment, suppliers, bees, queen and mentoring. New Beekeepers Guide

Honey Bees Unlimited

Honey Bees Unlimited is a local Dadant and Sons Equipment Vendor. Their shop is located in Gainesville, Tx. They also sell nucs of Russian Bees. Call Gary Barber for more information on equipment and nucs.

710 E California Street,

Gainesville, TX 76240


Tel: 972-768-5505

Denton County Beekeepers Association

Denton County Beekeepers Association is the local bee club in Denton.
The club meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30.
Intro beekeeping classes are provided at each meeting, along with a presentation on a beekeeping topic.
More details can be found at dentonbees.com

Lil d Bees

Lil d Bees is a non-profit group of Denton Beekeepers who provide youth classes and education for future beekeepers.

We also manage the urban beehives on the Denton Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center.

Texas Master Beekeepers Program

The Texas Master Beekeeper Program (TMBP) is an educational program designed to increase the knowledge and skill level of participating beekeepers. The program is a five-year (minimum) beekeeper training and certification program provided by the Texas Apiary Inspection Service in association with the Texas Beekeepers Association.   https://masterbeekeeper.tamu.edu/