We love helping people get started in beekeeping!

We offer several levels of mentoring

We are always learning about new techniques in beekeeping and experimenting with new ideas in our own apiaries. We keep detailed notes and share our experiences with many experienced beekeepers.

We want to share our knowledge with new beekeepers and maybe help them to learn to try new things and be more interactive with their hives. Sometimes we can even help keep  new beeks from having to reinvent the wheel.

We also learn from you, as well, so please ask questions and share ideas!

Our goal is to get you as comfortable with your bees as you want to be, while keeping healthy hives.

Texting, phone calls and emails are free of charge. Be prepared to show pics of your hives and have a working knowledge of your equipment and bees.

We will visit your site before your bees arrive and assess a proper location for your hives. We’ll come back when your bees arrive and help install them in their new home. One week later we’ll return to do a hive inspection to make sure your hive is queenright.


We will do a limited hive inspection to help set up, assess hive health or address a specific problem.


We will do a hive inspection with you, showing you proper techniques, how to identify hive components, find your queen and provide detailed feedback in person.


We/ll take you and your hives thru one entire year of beekeeping.

  • Pre arrival site selection\installation of bees
  • Hive inspections
  • Honey harvest
  • Varroa testing
  • Winter preperation
  • Spring start-up
  • Unlimited texting and calling
  • Education beekeeping and bee health updates