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Local Raw Honey

We sell small batch, local, raw, unfiltered honey.  It’s amazing how different honey can be from one yard to the next. Our apiaries are all over North Texas and each batch has it’s own unique flavor.

Our honey is registered with the Texas Real Honey Association. This means we commit to providing honey that is made in Texas with nothing added. Nothing. We also don’t heat our honey or ultra filter it. Bursting Bee Honey is considered raw, unfiltered, 100% made-in-Texas honey.

You can buy our honey by purchasing online, calling or emailing us.

We’re also on the Texas Beekeepers Association Honey Locater at texasbeekeepers.org

Our 2022 honey is ready for sale. You can order it online, or by calling, texting or emailing us.
We cannot ship at this time, we will deliver within a 20 mile radius of Denton.
If you live outside the delivery radius, call us and we’ll figure out how to meet you for a delivery.