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At Bursting Bees, we are a family of beekeepers who care about honey bees. All of our colonies are located in North Texas, and we harvest local honey for sale.

  • We rescue unwanted bees from structures
  • We harvest and sell honey from our local Denton County colonies
  • We sell honey products
  • We mentor new beekeepers
  • We sell bee nuc colonies every Spring

You can find out more info at our services menu below.

Live Bee Rescue and Relocation

I have bees in my home. Help!

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Local Raw Honey

100% Real Texas Honey. Raw and unfiltered.

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Bees, bees and more bees!

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Thinking of becoming a beekeeper? Need help with new or existing hives? We can do that.

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Michelle’s Honey Tonics

Our newest product is our honey tonic drink mixers. We pull the honey from our local hives and then infuse it with fresh flavors to make our honey...

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Interested in bees or beekeeping? We’ll talk to any group, anytime. For free!

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