We started beekeeping in 2014 with two hives as an ag project for the Aubrey Middle School.

After receiving a scholarship from Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Association, Michelle and her son, Tim continued keeping bees for fun. Michelle helped to found the Denton County Beekeepers Association in 2015 and became a Master Beekeeper in 2019. Michelle is currently the President of the Denton County Beekeepers Association for 2021.

In 2017, Matt joined the family and the beekeeping bug caught him, as well. After being a business owner in Denton County for 20 years, he retired into full-time beekeeping.

We started our beekeeping removal business in 2018 as a part-time venture and became full-time commercial beekeepers and bee removal professionals in 2020. We will rescue bees from homes, other structures, trees, etc. We bring the bees back to our bee yards and evaluate them, then we restore the bees to a healthy colony.

We built a honey house in 2020 and we sell honey until we run out. We do not mix the honey we get from different yards and we keep a signature flavor blend for each yard. We also rent our extracting facility to other beekeepers who need a place to extract their honey.

We introduced our new line of honey tonics in 2019. The tonics are great drink mixers for mocktails, cocktails and flavor enhancers for water. We’re always thinking up new flavors.


Call us for bee questions, bee removals,  bee help, to do a bee presentation, or buy honey or honey tonics.

We’re all over Denton County doing the bee thing so holler at us if you see us!

Matt, Michelle and Torrie