Welcome to our virtual apiary!

Welcome to our virtual apiary!

Thanks for joining us!

Our goal is to try and provide information for every type of “beekeeper”.

The beekeeper who has no bees, yet really just thinks bees are cool. For this beekeeper we want to provide great pics of all our bees and our adventures.

Those who don’t want a real hive can have a “virtual hive” on our Follow the Hive page. If we have relocated a swarm from your property, or you just want to adopt a hive, you can follow the bees all thru their stay in our apiary.

The new beekeeper who is planning on getting bees or has just gotten new bees. We hope to provide information that is easily understandable and want to make sure we are available for questions and help.

All the other beekeepers–we maintain relationships with tons of beekeepers in the area, and all over the country. We look at new ideas and old ideas, (some we try; some we don’t) and we are constantly in search of how to be better keepers of bees. We share our successes and failures and make great friends along the way.

Hang out with us, learn about bees and beekeeping, get some honey and join in our adventures!

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